This is the reason Danica Pensjon now wish to aid those who have lost their revenue and income base due to this extraordinary situation, and are now experiencing problems with liquidity in the short term as a cause of this.

This mainly concerns one-man businesses and self-employed persons who are not bound by law to employ defined-contribution pension schemes. We now offer to freeze deposits to pension savings for these customers – with no consequences for their insurance packages.

-        A lot of one-man businesses and self-employed persons fall outside the requirements for emergency aid, and are facing a difficult time right now. With this measure, we seek to help our customers get through this time of uncertainty. The self-employed and the freelancers constitute an important contribution to the Norwegian economy. If, through this measure, we can contribute to easing the burden on them in a demanding situation, it is really the least we can do. 

Steinar Nielsen
Chief Executive Officer 
Danica Pensjon

How does it work?

If you are self-employed, you can simply pause your pension deposits, and only pay the insurance premium. This is effective as of the moment you give us notice that you wish to take advantage of this offer. As our customer, you are still insured should anything happen, even though the pension deposits are paused. This provisional arrangement is valid until the end of the year.


Who may take advantage of this?

This measure is offered to any business not bound by Section 2 of the Act of mandatory occupational pension scheme, including self-employed persons in one-man businesses, limited companies with a single employee with ownership, personal participants in limited partnerships, and freelancers. Self-employed persons with liquidity problems in need of a measure such as this should contact their advisor at the bank, who is ready to help and further elaborate on this measure.



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